About the foundation


Fondazione Labia is a non-profit section 21 Trust. We believe Arts are important for innumerable reasons. They can help society to heal and support the advancement of the Arts and Culture in South Africa, especially in those communities which are under served.


Fondazione Labia works with individuals, NGO’s, schools and community centres to bring upliftment through cultural, musical, artistic activities and utilises the space and facilities of Casa Labia. We believe that Arts are important in society for innumerable reasons. They help society to heal by assisting it to come to terms with its past. They communicate across barriers of language, class and culture.  We sponsor and host workshops, classes, programs for the development and support of the Arts.


1.      Social Cohesion, Nation Building and Healing Programmes

2.       Languages at risk of extinction.

3.      Art and Culture programmes aimed to create inclusion of people with disability.

4.      Innovation, design and creation

5.      Art Platform Exhibitions